Resources and Facilities at NIMS befit the excellent reputation and profile the Institute maintains. They provide an efficient and effective support to the students in their pursuit of academic excellence.


The Institute has a well-stocked library and subscribes to a large number of journals of national and international repute. State-of-the-art Computer Centre with NT Network, LAN, Internet facilities through DSL and excellent student computer ratio are the unique features of our back-up facilities


NIMS believes that its students are the cream of the student community and they deserve the best. The infrastructural support it provides to students is just an expression of this belief.


The need for classrooms and theoretical inputs cannot be over emphasized. Student-teacher interaction through brain-storming session is an effective way to strengthen the theoretical base of a student. The classrooms are spacious and specifically designed to facilitate such participative learning and are equipped with the necessary presentation facilities. All classrooms at NIMS are air conditioned.


NIMS houses an auditorium that is acoustically designed and used for lectures, screening of films and practical training programmes.


NIMS houses a fully air conditioned audio-visual centre with OHP, VCR with the necessary/Digital Projector presentation facilities.


We at NIMS believe that perpetual exchange of information between industry and academics is imperative. We effectively utilize representatives of industry right from the process of course design till to the final assessment and evaluation of course curriculum.


NIMS employs a very wide variety of teaching methods. In the early stage there are lectures which are complemented by practical workshops, seminars or tutorials. Other teaching methods used include role-plays, case studies, practical exercises, computer lab, visits to companies and other organization and analyses of video-based material of real life events. The emphasis throughout is on the variety and diversity of both teaching methods and teaching materials. Students' opinion is regularly surveyed to gain feedback on how we might improve our courses. Various methods are used to assess students, often reflecting the nature of the course material covered. Some units place emphasis on formal examinations, perhaps combined with course work, which might take the form of essay or small group projects. Other types of assessment include individual projects or portfolios worked on over several weeks.


The NIMS provides counsellors for students encountering problems in their personal or academic levels. In addition, the NIMS employs an MBA academic tutor to assist students.


Our Institute does not encourage private tuition - our students need not take private tuition elsewhere - our faculty are committed to take personal care of all students within the Institute.

Underprivileged and slow learners will get individual attention.

Self-learning study materials for all the subjects will be given to the students as and when required.

There will be well ventilated, furnished modern A.C. classrooms and Computer Lab facilities.

Our library resources are unique and incomparable - till this moment we have 14000 titles, a good number of reference materials including latest volume of Encyclopedia Britannica, Year Book and a good number of national and international journals and periodicals. Students will get required number of books as per their course curriculum. Besides this, students will get the facility of using books of British and American Library.

We have a full time Psychologist in our Institute. All our students will get psychological counselling when required. We believe in quality education and render help to students to develop their positive attitude.

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News & Updates

21 May, 2024
Hunting Down Errors

01 May, 2024
Poster Presentation

23 April, 2024
Earth Day Celebration

05 April, 2024
Spectrum Sprout Workshop

22 March, 2024
Career Counselling Workshop by Dr. Harsh Arora

21 March, 2024
World Forestry Day Celebration

14 March, 2024
Women's day Celebration

11 - 12 March, 2024
Voting Awareness Session

14 Feb, 2024
Saraswati Puja Celebrations

10 Feb, 2024
Intercollege Sports & Cultural Fiesta

30 Jan, 2024
Intra-College Competition

20 Jan, 2024
Annual Picnic

26 Dec, 2023
Christmas Celebrations

28 Nov, 2023
Guest Lecture on “ Journey of an Entrepreneur: Dream to Reality” by Mr. Faraaz Ahmed

25 Nov, 2023
Imprints- Alumni Meet 2023

12 Oct, 2023
BCA Seminar on “Importance of Communication in Career Building & Upskilling”

12 Oct, 2023
BBA Seminar on “Sensory Branding: Using Senses to Build Brands” by Dr. Seema Lall

10 Oct, 2023
BBA Seminar on “Fintech the future of payment technologies” by Dr. Debanjali Nandi Das

21 Sep, 2023
Presentation by BCA 5th Semester students on “Bharat Blockchain Yatra”

20 Sep, 2023
Seminar on “Applications of AI in Business”

12 Sep, 2023
Workshop on “Applications on MS Excel in creation of digital dashboard

05 Sep, 2023
Teacher’s Day Celebration