Research And Publication Committee

The main objective of the Research & Publication Cell is to explore new avenues of knowledge, encourage and promote research culture at the College. Research and teaching should go hand in hand for knowledge accumulation. The committee encourages faculty members to undertake and pursue research and publish their findings. They are also encouraged to participate and present papers at conferences, seminars, symposia, and workshops. The Committee is to organize regularly research-oriented Faculty Development Programs, Workshops, Management Development Programs, Seminars & conferences in the College. This committee deliberates all important issues relevant to research at the college level, which include research clusters, college research seminars, research infrastructure; research funding, research productivities. The committee shall meet once every quarter during the Academic year.


Prof. Shabnam Agarwal Convenor
Dr.Subir Ghosh Member
Ms. Anwesha Nag Member
Mr. Mahendra Srivastava Member
Mr. Anirban Ghosh Member
Madhurima Ghosh - BBA 6th Semester Student Representative
Debojyoti Banerjee - Hospital Management 6th Semester Student Representative
Nitesh Kr.Verma - BCA 6th Semester Student Representative


  • 1. To motivate faculty members and students to involve in research and publication related activities.
  • 2. To develop a sense of community in which faculty members and students can work together productively and grow personally and professionally.
  • 3. To encourage and motivate the faculty members to apply for Ph.D.
  • 4. To guide researchers to raise the standards in academic and research activities.
  • 5. To encourage and motivate faculty members to organize and attend conferences / workshops / Seminars / Training programmes/Faculty Development Programmes etc.
  • 6. To create awareness among the faculty members as well as students for publication and research contribution.
  • 7. Encourage and motivate students to organize and attend conferences/ workshops/ Seminars/ Training etc. for their individual development.
  • 8. To review & evaluate the internship projects submitted by the students.
  • 9. To encourage the teachers to prepare for the research project and submit their project to get sponsorship from any reputed organization.
  • 10. To organize journal clubs.
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News & Updates

01 May, 2024
Poster Presentation

23 April, 2024
Earth Day Celebration

05 April, 2024
Spectrum Sprout Workshop

22 March, 2024
Career Counselling Workshop by Dr. Harsh Arora

21 March, 2024
World Forestry Day Celebration

14 March, 2024
Women's day Celebration

11 - 12 March, 2024
Voting Awareness Session

14 Feb, 2024
Saraswati Puja Celebrations

10 Feb, 2024
Intercollege Sports & Cultural Fiesta

30 Jan, 2024
Intra-College Competition

20 Jan, 2024
Annual Picnic

26 Dec, 2023
Christmas Celebrations

28 Nov, 2023
Guest Lecture on “ Journey of an Entrepreneur: Dream to Reality” by Mr. Faraaz Ahmed

25 Nov, 2023
Imprints- Alumni Meet 2023

12 Oct, 2023
BCA Seminar on “Importance of Communication in Career Building & Upskilling”

12 Oct, 2023
BBA Seminar on “Sensory Branding: Using Senses to Build Brands” by Dr. Seema Lall

10 Oct, 2023
BBA Seminar on “Fintech the future of payment technologies” by Dr. Debanjali Nandi Das

21 Sep, 2023
Presentation by BCA 5th Semester students on “Bharat Blockchain Yatra”

20 Sep, 2023
Seminar on “Applications of AI in Business”

12 Sep, 2023
Workshop on “Applications on MS Excel in creation of digital dashboard

05 Sep, 2023
Teacher’s Day Celebration